Your Trusted Partner in Financial Growth

At Silver Summit Financial we understand that each client’s financial situation is unique.  We dedicate ourselves to providing our clients with the best path to wealth accumulation, retention, and tax reduction by creating a plan that is tailored to their unique goals.

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Expert Planning

Established and overseen by the collaborative efforts of Douglas and Nancy Gahn, Silver Summit Financial specializes in expert financial and retirement planning. Our distinctive financial and investment planning approaches empower clients with more effective and secure methods for accumulating and distributing wealth. Our main focus is on addressing the three primary risks in retirement, which include market volatility, taxes, and longevity. We educate clients on transitioning from their current tax bracket to potentially a lower or zero tax bracket in retirement.

Our Founders

Douglas Gahn

With a career spanning over 30 years, our founder, Douglas Gahn, immersed himself in the healthcare sector, serving as the owner and manager of his practice. Throughout this period, he grappled with financial and retirement planning matters for himself and his family. Fortunately, our founder crossed paths with an individual who provided comprehensive financial advice, addressing both his immediate and future concerns. Intrigued by these distinctive strategies, Douglas dedicated several years to studying and refining them. Now, he is delighted to extend these insights to his clients. Grounded in the ethos of his healthcare years, he remains guided by the principle of "First do no harm."

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Nancy Gahn

Before transitioning into her role as a financial advisor Nancy had a background in education.  She held credentials in both elementary education and mathematics. Starting her financial career in 2011, she initially focused on College Funding. Nancy continued her own education to become an NSSA (National Social Security Advisor) so she can help clients optimize their Social Security Benefits.  She takes pleasure in educating clients on how to safeguard and expand their assets throughout life’s various stages.